Into the Groove

We’ve been in Sydney for three weeks now but it feels like longer. Luca has started school, Holly starts next week, Charlie and Jude start daycare a couple of days next week too and Rob goes back to work on monday.

Thank God.

The kids have been off school now for five weeks and I’ve had enough. Its been such a chaotic month with our big move from London and I desperately need everyone out of the house just for a few hours.

Including Rob, God love him. But yes, I need him gone too.

I used to have a school friend whose parents worked together from home. One day her Mum said to me and my friend “Girls, you must remember when you get married one day .. for better for worse but not for lunch”. I never understood what she meant but the longer I’m married the more I get it.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore Rob. We are happily married and even though we live very stressful lives having so many kids we still love each other. Most of the time. However we like each other much more when we’re not in each other’s pockets 24/7.

So it’s a good thing neither of us will ever be able to afford to retire.

I drive him insane with my nagging him for not being as fastidious about tidying as I am and he drives me insane with his inability to be as anal about order and neatness as I am. He reckons I’m getting worse as I get older and I reckon he does it to piss me off.

The strange thing is we almost never argue about things that matter like money, schooling, how we should raise our children and we never argue about each other’s families. We are totally united on all those fronts 99% of the time. It’s the little stuff – stacking dishwashers, chucking your socks in the wash in little balls, not taking the bins out when they’re full and him using my laptop when he has his own.

He hates me leaving my empty coffee takeaways in the car, leaving the heater on with the door open and not emptying all milk out of the bottle properly. It definitely goes both ways.

That quote “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. I hate that. It’s the small stuff that shits me. Or maybe I’m missing the point.

So bring on Monday I say. I plan on going for a super long run and not talking to anyone. I’m not even going to answer the phone. I just need some silence. Time to recharge the batteries and de-stress.

Plus I think my poor neighbours need a break from my noisy offspring. I feel sorry for them already, they have no idea what they are in for. Our neighbours in London didn’t even say goodbye to either of us when we left … they’ll probably be celebrating our departure for months.

keep calm kids back to school


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