Why Do Boys Smell?

Sometimes I look at the state of the toilet in my kids bathroom and I wonder “how the hell did they even do that? Is it physically possible?”

Boys are disgusting. Mine are only aged 6, 4 and 2 and already my house has taken on the scent of a teenage boy kingdom. I’ve had to start investing in some combat warfare.


Anyone with boys will know what I mean. Boy smell is a smell like no other. Plus, mine haven’t even got to the proper deodorant requiring stage yet. Thank god.

I am constantly amazed by the difference in boys and girls – well, mine anyway.  Holly is highly organised, super tidy and I never have to ask her if she has packed her PE stuff. I don’t even know her timetable, no need to, she has it totally sorted. She schedules her hair washes on certain days and I wash about twenty nine thousand pairs of her knickers every week.

Luca on the other hand still needs me to put his undies on. I think I’m going to have that as part of my morning routine for a long time to come too. He has no concept that school requires getting dressed and if on a weekday I just decided not to dress him one day or send him to school he wouldn’t even notice.

Boys are simple creatures … once you get past the smell, noise, energy and mess. For a long time it was just Holly but when she was three and a half Luca came along and I wasn’t prepared for how affectionate and needy boys are. My sons will all be mummy’s boys and I’ll never be ashamed of that. Pity for their future wives/husbands/partners but too frickin bad. I’m here to stay.

I don’t really know where I’m going with today’s blog. It was doing the morning tidy up of the kids bathroom and then a load of washing which when I get to my boys underwear I wonder why the hell I buy toilet paper at all given they obviously don’t use it. Gross but true.

Anyway so I thought I’d reach out to all the Mums of boys out there and say ….

At what age should I look into gas masks? For me obviously. And when can I expect they’ll wipe their bum properly? 10? 18? 35? I look forward to the day I can dig my hand into the dirty washing hamper without having to disinfect it afterwards.

But poo, smells and more poo … I love my three boys and I love my boy/girl ratio. Even though I’m in therapy and in need of a padded cell from time to time, I wouldn’t have it any other way x


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