Who Owns The Pavement?

A long, long time ago, before I had children, nothing irritated me more than having to move off the footpath for a Mum with a newborn baby in its smart car sized pram with a nappy bag large enough to hold a small aircraft hanging off the side.

I mean why the hell were they out anyway? Getting in my way when I was trying to get somewhere quickly. The footpath is meant for FEET. So selfish of them.

Then I became a feral, sleep deprived Mum and when I was out with my smart car sized pram, you definitely didn’t want to be one of those well rested busy people who got in my way on the footpath. Because, in fact, I owned the pavement. You have feet, walk in the gutter. Or the road. Or just drive.Β And God help you if you got in my way if you were doing something unnecessary, like .. jogging.

Now that I’m running quite a bit, all those selfish Mums are back. They don’t even move when they can obviously hear my feet pounding 50m behind them. I mean, COME ON.

And the dog walkers. Equally selfish.

Cyclists … I have one word for you. Velodrome.

So you see, depending on which time in your life it is, we all think we own the pavement.



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