When Your Kids Don’t Want To Know You


Every once in a while I am reminded that my kids are getting older and that I am no longer the centre of their world and can do no wrong. This ‘once in a while’ has been becoming more and more frequent and I’m not sure I like it.

Last week I mentioned to Holly that Gap were having a sale and that I thought I’d go and see if they had anything nice for her. She said “please don’t, I’d rather you not choose my clothes anymore”.

I couldn’t believe it. Me! Clothes lover. Shopping addict. Shoe worshipper. She doesn’t trust ME to choose her clothes anymore. So rude.

I love clothes and I love shopping for clothes and here I am being told by my nine year old daughter that she doesn’t like my taste in them. The hide!

The following day Luca was complaining his dinner was too hot so I took a spoonful of it to prove it wasn’t and then he demanded a new spoon. One that I hadn’t licked. I tried to explain to him that he already had all my germs swimming around in him because I in fact built him, blah blah blah and he just looked at me likeΒ whatevs, get me a fresh spoon.

Children are so ungrateful aren’t they? At least my two littlest boys still let me spit on a tissue and wipe their faces, whilst gazing up at me like I’m a goddess.

It’s all downhill from here on isn’t it? Soon they’ll start walking a few metres behind me out in public just in case anyone thinks we’re related.

I remember doing that with my Mum. When I was fourteen she was expecting with my sister, Claire, and I remember being so embarrassed to be seen with her in public because she was pregnant and had an enormous tummy. Isn’t that horrible?

Then, fast forward another fourteen years or so and Claire was too embarrassed to be seen with me. I’ll never forget that day, we were at our local shopping centre and I turned around to talk to her and she’d slid slowly sideways so nobody could tell we were together .. and I wasn’t even thirty! (I know you’re reading, Claire .. don’t think I’d forgotten about that!)

But never fear, soon enough we’ll be back in Sydney and some day Holly will probably do the same to her ……

And I can’t wait. Isn’t the circle of life wonderful πŸ˜‰


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