Twitter Lunch Club

People who slam social media are weirdo’s in my mind.

Putting my blog aside, which is a bit of fun and gives me a voice .. plus free goodies from time to time – social media has brought me wonderful gifts.


Many of my closest friends are people I’ve met online. Once upon a time that would have reeked of desperation and sounded pretty seedy but these days online meeting, whether it be friendship or romantic friendship, is a far easier and more acceptable way of finding like-minded friends.

Take my Twitter lunch club. We all met many moons ago on Twitter when I was still living in London. Nowadays we all meet for dumplings, sometimes weekly and sometimes fortnightly depending on how desperate we are for mountains of glutenous deliciousness, but we sit around and eat and discuss life.

It’s like a giant feast of therapy. Both culinary and psychological.

We’ve never eaten anything but dumplings and probably never will. We are single-handedly propping up the Asian dumpling economy of the entire northern Sydney area and the dumpling world would probably experience a mini recession in our absence.

Current membership stands at 6 and between us we have 19 children. So we never run out of crap to talk about and if one of us walks in with a giant problem we usually have it solved by the end of lunch.

Obviously a prerequisite to being part of our lunch club is the ability to eat at least twenty dumplings in a sitting. We all passed that test pretty efficiently. Actually that is the only prerequisite. There is no place in our Twitter lunch club for anyone who pushes their plate away after a few bites of a no. 222.

Usually a successful TLC meeting will involve a third degree burn on one’s nostril from the hasty consumption of a soup filled dumpling and I don’t think I’ve ever walked out without a sizeable chilli stain on my clothing. Feeling sick for around five hours post lunch is standard.

I have laughed until I’ve cried on many occasions and quite often during lunch we will play dumpling Jenga. Like this. When you’re as dedicated as we are, tables become too small for the amount we order so we need to start stacking.


I treasure these lunch dates and they are my laughing fix for days afterwards. These women are some of the wittiest, cleverest and most gorgeous people on the planet and I am so blessed to be part of this insane club.

Everyone needs a TLC.


Missing the lovely Lisa in this photo but she was there in spirit!

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