Tourist For A Day

Today I had an entire day to myself. 9am to 5pm all for me. So I decided to jump on a bus and be a tourist in my own town.


I started at Piccadilly.

IMG_6490Where my favourite cake shop happens to be, so I stopped for an awesome fruit flan and possibly the worst coffee I’ve had in ages (the cake made up for it). One thing I won’t miss about London is its (mostly) dreadful coffee.

IMG_6501I walked down the hill to Trafalgar Square and wandered through the National Gallery before going outside to watch a drunk Dutch tourist being arrested for climbing the lions.


I walked up to Admiralty Arch and marvelled at how beautiful it is. They are turning it into a hotel apparently. One day I’m going to come back and stay there. With no kids.


I went to the Household Cavalry Museum … because I hadn’t been there before. I wish I could say it didn’t bore the crap out of me.


So I stopped in at No.10 to say g’day to Dave. They didn’t recognise me at the gate though so I kept walking.

IMG_6513I found the Women of World War II memorial and thought how sad it was that this was only unveiled in 2005 and is situated in the middle of a road.

IMG_6507I haven’t actually used a phone box since about 1995 but I can’t imagine London without them.

IMG_6525And I absolutely think that the Houses of Parliament is the most beautiful building in London. No photo could ever do it justice.


Even Westminster Abbey looks ugly by comparison.


I checked my big watch and it said 12.15 … time for lunch.

IMG_6539So I tubed it over to Regents Place and picked up this handsome fellow. We ate burnt ciabatta and laughed about how annoying our kids were that morning.


After lunch I wandered through Regents Park and it was so cold I lost the feeling in my fingers.


Even though the daffodils say it’s almost spring. The daffodils are never wrong.

IMG_6554I walked all the way to the canals that lead up to Camden Lock and decided I’d seen enough.

Because my phone died …..








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