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I haven’t written a blog about running in a while.

I worry that people will get sick of hearing me bleat on about it. ‘Mummy-blogger-turned-annoying-runner’ isn’t exactly the type of blogger I want to be known as (even though I probably am one).

There is a Mum at Luca’s school who is a runner too and whenever there are a group of us waiting outside the classroom, she and I inevitably end up talking about running/nutrition/shoes/training or something similar and I notice one by one the other Mums drop out of the conversation and walk away until it’s just the two of us.

So I get that it might be boring for people who aren’t into running. I used to be one of them actually.

I used to think runners were just boring weirdos who had no life and nothing better to do. In particular they used to irritate me when I was in my early twenties and I’d be on my way home from an extremely late and wild night out and I’d be walking in the door and they’d go jogging past in the dark at like 5am. I couldn’t understand it at all. I mean, why run when you can stay at a club all night getting off your face, right?

I used to see women running up and down the main road near us in London and quite frankly they used to annoy the crap out of me, I used to think they were just showing off to as many people as possible. Now I run up and down the Pacific Highway on Sydney’s upper North Shore because it’s flat and I often think there must be other people who drive past and think the same about me. Funny how the tables turn.

Having said all that, in the past week I’ve had two emails from people I don’t know who subscribe to my blog. Both of them were really lovely emails saying how inspirational my running has been for them and that I had motivated them to get back into running again.

They really meant a lot to me.

Blogging is a strange thing. You take a huge risk because you never really know what people think of you. Nobody is going to tell you that your blog sucks and of course all your friends will say they like it. I guess the only way to know how well liked your blog is, is by the numbers your blog traffic statistics show, or for me when I get emails from strangers telling me they like it.

I get a few emails from time to time from people but they’re usually English expats living in Australia who write to tell me they understand why I feel the way I do about moving back to Sydney because they feel the same about returning to England. It’s not usually about my running people write to me about.

Running is so important to me now that knowing that some of the things I’ve written have helped other people get on board with their own running is enough.

I am so passionate about what running has done for me that I want to scream it from the rooftops for the world to hear! Running really did save me from so many things and my life has changed immeasurably since I started. Healthy mind/body and all that. But particularly my mind. My depression and my peace of mind.

Since my last running post a while back, my feet have been busy. In September I ran the Blackmores Sydney Half Marathon, in October I ran the Melbourne Half Marathon and that same month I joined Sydney Striders running club and even with my dodgy calf and knee playing up I smashed my 10k personal best at one of their events and crossed the line in 50 mins.


Melbourne Half Marathon finish line

It still cracks me up that running is my main focus outside my family. Who the hell am I these days? People who know me from way back all think it’s hilarious as Rob and I were renowned for our sedentary lifestyle and loathing of exercise. At our wedding our best man in his speech said about Rob .. “Decky’s body is just a place to park his brain”. Not much has changed since then either.

Anyway, I got some fabulous news yesterday.

I got a spot in the London Marathon! To say I am overjoyed is an understatement and when I read the letter I got really emotional.

I was devastated when I missed out on the ballot as I had my heart set on returning to London next April to run my first marathon there. Doing it in Sydney wasn’t going to cut it, I wanted to run London and I wanted it to be next year.

I’m still struggling being back in Sydney and I miss London so much my heart hurts, but I don’t blog about it or admit to many people just how hard I’m finding it.

I was hoping that going back to London in April for the marathon would be just the tonic I needed so when I found out I’d not only missed out on the ballot but also my first two chosen charity spots I’d given up hope and was devastated.

So yesterday was such an enormous surprise to receive my letter of offer and next year I’ll be running 42km for Children with Cancer UK. I’m going to do my best to raise money for this wonderful charity who have given me this fabulous opportunity that I was so desperate for.

I spoke with them in London late last night and got all emotional on the phone so I’m sure they already think I’m insane but you know what?

I am. Think that one’s well established!

Keep running,
Steph xx



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