Well. We’re all here. Rob and my Mum arrived from London this morning with Charlie and Jude. They both looked liked they’d spent the night in the slammer and my Mum even had a completely bloodshot eye to complete her sleep-deprived and frazzled look.

Their flight arrived at 5am so I was expecting them to get out relatively quickly but over an hour later we were still waiting for them. I had visions of one (or both) of the kids developing a bout of gastro on the plane so maybe they were hosing them off, or maybe there had been a coup – disgruntled passengers traumatised by travelling in a confined space for 24 hours with my kids .. my mind was spewing forth with all sorts of sensationalistic drama.

As it happened this was the reason for the delay …


It turns out that 270kg of luggage attracts quite a significant amount of attention. Thirteen pieces of checked in bags and eight pieces of hand luggage. It must set off alarm bells of all sorts when an adult turns up with only two of his kids and his mother in law carrying enough luggage to survive in isolation for a year or two.

Once we got it all home in two cars, the boys got to see their new home for the first time. It was also the first time they’ve ever been to Australia so they were super-hyper! They ran around like maniacs exploring/destroying the house until they found the garden – and just like their older brother they stayed in it for the rest of the day.

I kept pointing out the kookaburras to them but just like Luca they were instead fascinated by all the lizards crawling around in the dead leaves. Until I suggested we catch one and then they just completely freaked out. They are all pretty terrified of Australian wildlife. I think my funnel-web spider danger talk may have gone a little too far. Or maybe it was the video I showed them.. it’s hard to narrow it down.


So I’ve been here for two weeks now and it has been great. I’ve got the house completely sorted down to the folded and colour sorted undies (don’t worry, I’m in therapy), I’ve sorted the kids out for school with uniforms and start dates, I’ve organised new drivers licences, insurances, gym membership, tennis for the kids, caught up with some gorgeous friends and spent time with my family.

And eaten craploads of nasty foods, so yes obviously the sugar and gluten free diet is going reallllllly well thanks. I think I’ve turned a shade of yellow from all the cheezels I’ve been scoffing and I’ve done the responsible parenting thing and introduced my kids to chocolate paddlepops, tim tams and tiny teddies washed down with solo.

Obviously that qualifies me for yet another parenting award, no?

So we’re all about to head to bed early. The little boys are so over tired and incredibly jet lagged so I’m predicting a rough night ahead. Plus in my wisdom I decided it’s time for Jude to sleep in a big bed so tonight is his first night out of the cot … this really isn’t going to end well, is it?

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