What Obsession?

I have a massive problem with excess. Always have. I’m really bad at doing anything in moderation, mainly eating certain foods, but it does stretch to other areas of my life. Having children for instance, I just always have to go that little bit overboard.

Everyone knows about my recent struggles with Nutella, but I’m happy to report that I’m free from its clutches and I’ve beaten those delicious chocolatey demons.

Along with sour cream, my nemesis. That stuff is like crack.

Two days ago I went cold turkey from diet coke. I’m not going to tell you how much of it I drink because I actually think it’s illegal or something. Okay maybe not illegal but it’s too embarrassing to even fathom fessing up to. This is our wine fridge, its got no wine in it because I had to give that up too, but it gives you an idea of the enormity of my problem. The fridge is 7ft tall.

It doesn’t stop there.

A few months ago I went through a biltong phase and didn’t really eat much except cured meat for a couple of months. Mmmm, raw cow that’s been hung upside down for a few weeks, what’s not to love?

Before that it was cornichons and before that blue crispy m&m’s. Tonnes and tonnes of them. Normal people just do not eat the quantities that I was eating. Nor do they isolate themselves to that one food. But I’m unique. That’s what my therapist says anyway.

It did however take me a while to get over my ice cream episode, there are just so many flavours to get through these days.Β This is what remains of the legendary 2012 Battle of Haagen Daaz. I fought long and hard but alas, was defeated.

But do not be alarmed (yet), I like to share my obsession around so it also includes, but is not limited to: shoes, handbags and jeans.

I can’t show you a photo of the cupboard(s) I keep my handbags and shoes in because Rob reads my blog and he might spot something he doesn’t recognise. And I don’t want to alarm the poor lamb, he’s suffered enough trauma with his wife’s penchant for shopping (that and I don’t have a wide angled camera).

It’s not all bad though. I get obsessed with things that are good for you too. At the moment it’s asparagus and giant cous cous. And running … oh how I love running. But weirdly enough I’m injured at the moment so can’t run for a few weeks. I went too hard too fast and my legs packed up shop and died. That’s what happens when a body that has done jack shit for 39 years decides to run 30kmΒ a week all of a sudden. Who knew?

I wonder what’s next?







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