What a day!

I hardly slept a wink last night. I lay awake worrying about today’s post about my weight loss and fitness journey.

I needn’t have worried.

The response we had today was wonderful. So encouraging, so positive and so heartwarming.

Why was I worried? Nobody wants to be judged and I suspected there would be people who saw my post today who thought “why on earth would you post that? Why would you want people to see you like that”.

I haven’t had any of those sort of responses today, I’ve had the total opposite – so any fear of judgement that I had has been squashed by all the kind and lovely people who took the time to read my story and respond to me.

We had so many replies on the website to my story and I had dozens of Facebook comments, private messages, emails, phone calls and text messages.

My heart has been totally filled with the goodness that is out there on the inter webs.

I see a lot of nasty stuff on the internet being so involved with the blogging community and social media – but today I’ve seen the beautiful side of the online world and my faith in human nature has been lovingly fed.

Thanks to everyone  who showed me some support today. I read every single message and am eternally grateful for all your kindness.

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