The Sickens

The bomit is back.

Tomorrow it will be two weeks since Spewfest 2014 began and I am slightly sick and bloody tired of it. I don’t even feel sorry for my kids anymore, that has passed and I am just RUINED (please see my contact details for where to send my Mother of the Year award).

It isn’t one of those bugs where the kids are bed ridden. In fact during the day they seem almost normal and enjoying not going to school, but then come night time they are up all night vomiting and Rob or I will be up washing sheets at 3am. So I can’t send them to school obviously until they haven’t spewed for a day or two.

I’m starting to wonder if I’m one of the few parents who adhere to that rule but that’s a whole other blog post.

Jude has been to kindy one day in two weeks. ONE. Luca has had 3 days off, Charlie has had 4 days off. All at different times obviously to make it even more convenient.

Yesterday Luca had a temperature and claimed he felt dizzy so I let him stay home assuming he was getting worse given he was up feeling sick the night before – anyway because he wasn’t vomiting I dragged him to Crossfit and sat him in a corner with the iPad while I pumped the anxiety from yesterdays post into the gym floor. Just as I was leaving, the cleaner called.

The laundry tap had exploded and water was flooding my entire family room. He barely speaks English so I couldn’t explain to him where the tap was to turn off the mains. Not that it was an issue because I had no idea where it was anyway.

We raced home to find the cleaner in a flap and my house flooding and luckily I managed to find something that resembled a tap in the garden so I turned it off and whoa and behold it was the mains water supply

So the water at least had stopped but the cleaner wasn’t happy and firing dirty looks at me whilst muttering in Korean and although I don’t speak Korean I’m quite sure he was swearing at me.

I rang about 15 plumbers who were all busy but I finally managed to get hold of one who said he’d be there in 30 minutes. 4 hours later he appeared, fixed the laundry tap and the broken toilet cistern while he was there … and then charged me $875.

875 freaken dollars. I could have bought so many beautiful shoes with that. Or put it towards the completely outrageous house insurance renewal I just received that I’m still hyperventilating over.

After that I got a call from JJ’s kindy. It was his first day back in two weeks and they called to let me know he’d had a major fall off his bike and ripped his chin open. Day just getting better and better.


The poor little thing actually really hurt himself and later that night he ended up in my bed crying all night, attached to my hair with his dried snot.

After feeding my kids hot chips because I was so tired and couldn’t be arsed to cook anything, they all went to their own beds.  At about 2am I heard Rob creeping back upstairs, he’d been booted out of our bed by Jude which turned out to be a blessing because while he was sleeping downstairs in Holly’s room Charlie vomited in his bed. Again.

So Rob cleaned Charlie up and brought him up to me (and Jude) then he went back downstairs to Holly’s room – by which time Luca was in there as well because he’d also vomited in his bed.

So we woke up bright and early this morning to the smell of vomit soaked sheets wofting up the stairs… and worked out pretty quickly that today was going to be yet another home day but this time with all three of the boys. I’m betting fifty bucks Holly will get it next week .. and there is chickenpox at school too at the moment. I’d say if anyone will get that of course it will be us.

But you know what? Days like that don’t even come close to being worthy of the classification ‘day from hell’ anymore. It’s pretty much just a bit worse than a normal day in my life lately.


My fortnight in photos


Band-aids. Accessories for small children.

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