School Holiday Survival

School went back today after half term break. Thank God. It spells the return of my sanity and the chance to get my voice back.

And to recover from the trauma of the previous week’s mess.

I feel sick just looking at it

Winter school breaks are always the hardest because when you live in England, entertainment options are severely limited due to the weather. And this half term break in particular when it pretty much looked like this for the whole week.

Could that sky get any lower?

So we spent a lot of the week indoors and tried to improvise some the things we’d be doing if we were living back home in Sydney at this time of year.

We had a bbq!

Charlie, how do you like your steak cooked?

Then we crawled through dark tunnels and pretended we were secret agents!

We watched a few hundred hours of Fireman Sam.

I’ve had enough of Fireman Sam too

With a lot of fighting in between.

Jude helped me with my blog.

And we played A LOT of sport.

The kids were exhausted after tennis, basketball, football and car racing

But alas, all good things must come to an end and bright and early this morning … the older kids went back to school. However not before a bit of a tantrum because Charlie gets to stay home as he has an extra week of holidays (don’t start me on that one).

Clearly thrilled about going back to school

So do you know what I think I might do today? Maybe a long lunch in a fancy restaurant with friends, then a relaxing massage, a spot of shopping perhaps and maybe catch a movie later.

Bastard laundry

Or maybe not. I’ll be tackling Mount Everest’s baby sister.

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