Ode to Nutella

I have what I’d class as a rather disturbing addiction to Nutella. Its chocolatey goodness, high fat content and lack of any nutrition fall right into my favourite sort of food group.

I currently have 390 photos on Instagram. A vast number of those are cake and chocolate themed .. but they don’t even come close to how many of them feature Nutella. So as a little gesture of my dedication and good will, I’ve put together a collage. The Renoir of Nutella, if you will.

You see, I have a new follower on twitter who is a running guru/nutritionist/author/fitness genius. He gives me tips on my running and has noticed the rather high percentage of my tweets that are about Nutella and he is on my case. In big way.

So alas, I can no longer have Nutella, the crack of the food world.

Or I could, but I just can’t tweet about it, and I wouldn’t be able to help myself. Twitter is like a confessional for the non-catholic Nutellaholic in me.

Ode To Nutella

My sweet, sweet Nutella. I bid you adieu,
May you go forth and prosper, find another weak-minded glutton to latch on to.

I will miss you on popcorn, and toast, and bread, and crumpets, and pancakes,
But most of all, I will miss our good morning kiss.

The spoon full(s) of you I have first thing in the morning …
Before my diet coke(s).

Farewell, my friend. May we meet again,
When you come in a fat-free, sugar-free variety.

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