Nostalgia Gone Mad


Bishops Park, SW6, London

Now that we have a leaving date for when we move to Sydney, my London related sentimentality and nostalgic persuasion has gone up a notch. I want to suck up everything I see, hear and do in my last months in London. I want my memory bank stacked full of beautiful images of the place that has changed my life in so many wonderful ways.

It’s a pity life can’t be like this all the time. When you know you have limited time somewhere you love, the appreciation for it multiplies tremendously and you become acutely aware of your surroundings. I am seeing Fulham, and London, in a different light – even though I’ve lived in the same street for six years. The sounds, the sunlight, the way the tide changes on the Thames … the stuff that goes on in the background of life.

I’ve recently developed a passion for photography. iPhone photography. I know that sounds lame but some of the best photos I have taken have been on my trusty old iPhone 4S. The image quality is pretty good but it’s the image capture I’m after. I want every photo I take to capture something I love and something that’s meaningful to me.

Therefore I usually always have my phone in my hand or in a pocket because photo opportunities come when you least expect it. Which is probably why I have 7000 photos on my phone.

Maybe it’s because I turn forty in a few weeks and may be, dare I say, maturing a little – but I appreciate the little things in life. Things that just happen without me noticing until now.

Spring for instance. Every day I take our dog, Peanut, for a walk down to the park at the end of our street. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know it well. It is the most beautiful park in the world as far as I’m concerned. Almost daily, spring reveals itself more and today I took dozens of photos of budding flowers. I want to see and remember everything – so I capture little memories in my phone and tuck them away to find again when I want to.

I’m frightened of forgetting.

I’m frightened of not feeling like this anymore and I’m frightened of the big changes my family has ahead of it. I’m frightened of moving home for many reasons, but mainly because I’m frightened of never seeing London again as my home. Because it is home.

Memories fade but photos don’t. If you’d like to follow my journey home to Sydney come and visit me on Instagram at



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