My Week In Photos 2.12.12

Each sunday night I post a blog with 7 photos of my week. All photos are taken on my iPhone (I don’t know why I keep telling you that, I’m actually a pretty bad photographer).

It officially got really cold. They promised us snow but lied and I wasn’t happy about it. I’m a huge fan of English weather, the colder the better.

It was so cold I spent the entire school run taking photos of frozen things

I admired my beautiful blonde son and wondered if he could possibly look any more unlike me

I don’t know why I like it, but I think the old Battersea Power Station is beautiful.

I saw my favourite department store in the world, Harrods, lit up so beautifully it took my breath away. Pity I took such a bad photo of it.

We put our Christmas tree up! … And our insane cat who loves to climb it was thrilled to bits.

And we went to a ball. A proper grown up ball. I got to hang out with adults for a change and didn’t even have any baby vomit or grubby fingerprints on my dress. Winning!

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