My Week In Photos 9.12.12

Every sunday I post a blog of my week in 7 photos from my iPhone …

We had more spectacular winter weather in London. It’s hard to narrow down the hundreds of weather related photos I take each week. It drives everyone in my family insane.

I saw a King sing beautiful christmas carols

We went to Harrods to see the christmas windows and found ourselves in the toy department. It was frightening .

Gangham Style is still alive and well at our place .. unfortunately

We roasted marshmallows and I had a sudden realisation that with 3 sons, pyromania is going to be a part of my future. I could see it in their eyes …

It snowed for about 3 minutes and I just about wet myself with excitement

And finally, I turned a very, very, very tiny corner in the whole moving back to Australia thing and we’ve decided it will be Roseville we go back to .. I have the apron to prove it

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