Minecraft #2 Why I still hate it


Bloody Minecraft.

As we speak my three sons’ excitement is at fever pitch because they’ve worked out how to make red sheep. Apparently this is almost as exciting as when they learnt how to make a cow waterfall.

We have many ups and downs in our house in relation to Minecraft and their travels through this weird online world that just makes me dizzy when I look at them moving all those squares around.

We do not speak of the dark period when Charlie was in his virtual pyromania stage and would get up at 4am and burn the other kids’ worlds down. I’m not sure what that even means but it happened many times over about three months and I really thought the others may kill Charlie in real life over it.

I don’t understand it, don’t want to, and can’t wait until they get sick of it.

Being woken up at 5am by kids is annoying regardless of the circumstances but when it’s because one of your kids has burnt down something that even isn’t real then it’s just plain rude.

But the thing with Minecraft is that love it or loathe it you just can’t fight it.

No matter how many systems you put in place to control it, kids manage to get around it and before you know it Minecraft is back ruining your life. I liken it to colonies of ants. No matter how hard you try and kill them, they outsmart you and just pop up somewhere else equally as annoying.

A few months back I put my foot down and made a rule that iPads went in the highest kitchen cupboard we have from Monday when they go off to school to Friday when they get home from school.

I thought I was soooooo clever. I’ll outsmart you kids, I am a 41 year old intelligent woman.

Well it backfired massively because all that happened was my kids sat on the sofa face planting their iPads for 48 hours straight on weekends and the last straw was one sunday morning I got up at 4am to get Jude some medicine and Luca was up in the dark playing, you guessed it, Minecraft. God knows how long he had been doing that for.

Or that my three year old will only behave himself at CrossFit each day if he is allowed to have the iPad. Then it was Charlie’s then Luca’s birthdays so they were allowed Minecraft those days and then slowly but surely we’re back to playing iPads every.single.day.

So they won. My kids beat me at my own game.

The upside is that at least Frozen isn’t on repeat anymore. Got to look at the positives.



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