Exercise Basket Case

Earlier this year I decided to take up running. I’ve always wanted to be a runner but could never be arsed to actually do it. 

Because basically I’m a lazy shit with no willpower. 

I have had more gym memberships in my life than I can count. I’ve tried every exercise you can think of – pilates, zumba, swimming, netball, boxing. I’ve had numerous personal trainers who all give up on me because I’m unreliable. I own more sports equipment than your local sports store and most of it remains in my basement in pretty much mint condition.

I used to hire a cross trainer on a monthly basis and had it for so long the fitness company gave it to me because I paid for it. It’s a great place to hang wet clothes and now lives in one of my kids’s bedrooms.

Say hello to Mr Cross Trainer.
And his friends, step and yoga mat

I have a gym membership at a gym which is a five minute walk from my house. I have had it since the birth of my fourth child and can count on two hands how many times I’ve used it. Said child is now 18 months old. Gyms love people like me.

My problem is that I’m terribly impatient. I want results now and if I don’t get them straight away I throw in the towel and figure I’ll just not eat for a few days to drop some weight (as if I couldn’t eat for a few days, I have zero self control).

Until now.

I have several friends who are dedicated runners and because I’m stubborn and am a total control freak, I haven’t been able to let it go that they can do it but I can’t. So for the past six months or so I’ve been walking with some running mixed in – on an 8km loop around two of the Thames Bridges. 

In the past couple of months the amount of running I’ve been able to do has increased, but I still hated it.  

However last week something shifted. I slowed down my pace and stopped timing myself and VOILA, I started enjoying it. I found my rhythm and got into a space where I felt good, my breathing was consistent and I didn’t feel like hurling my breakfast into the river like I usually do.

So today to celebrate this memorable event I went to Nike and spent the GDP of a small nation on running gear. Because I have a shopping problem and clearly I’m going to run a marathon or something soon. 

Let’s hope it doesn’t all end up in the basement. Next to the rollerblades.

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