Do You Dread School Dress Up Days?

As it turns out, all of my kids are growing up to be quite creative. This is very unfortunate for them as they live in a glitter-free, glue-free, paint-free, playdoh-free household. 

Once upon a time when I only had one child I’d let her have playdoh, but our dog who was already so pissed off over my daughter’s arrival would eat it .. It did make finding the (pink) dog poo in the garden easier but this wasn’t reason enough to continue down the playdoh path given the mess it makes. 

Some of the blogs I read are by Mums who are into craft. I am not one of them. Never have been, never will be. I don’t have the patience for it nor do I have a creative bone in my body. My one and only foray into the crafting world was at school in year 7, I had to cross stitch a hymn book cover which I then spent the rest of the day unstitching from my uniform that had gotten in the way. 

I can’t draw, can’t paint, can’t sew, can’t knit, can’t do anything remotely related to any of these. 

I’ve managed to sail through life pretty easily without any sewing skills. There’s nothing my local dress maker, Ayla, can’t do for me and my complete lack of crafty sewing skills hasn’t been a problem. Until now. 

Who’d have thought that when you have kids you’re expected to make them all sorts of fancy dress costumes? Robin Barker makes no mention of it in ‘Baby Love’ and quite frankly I think it’s an outrage. Everyone knows it’s the parents that make these anyway so if teachers want to see if the kiddies can do it themselves they should make them at school, no?

So my kids shouldn’t really blame me when on ‘French Day’ they have to turn up to school looking like this.

If only we’d owned a beret


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