Corporate Conference Nonsense

Today is the first day of school holidays. Even though my kids have only ever been to school in the UK, because I was educated in Australia I still can’t get used to the concept of half term break and feel like they are forever on holidays.

All made worse by the fact that Rob is away for work. On a conference. I hate that word. Conference.

For me conference is corporate speak for ‘lets get away from the wife and kids and spend company profits on a wanky hotel, hire a motivational speaker who’s really just a washed up ex-sportsman and do some team building exercises involving go-karting and abseiling before we all get smashed on the company’s bar tab while we gossip about the new kid in accounts shagging the hot chic on level 5’.

Or something.

It’s been a while since I was part of the corporate world but I have a steel trap memory when it comes to certain things and having been on many ‘conferences’ in my time I can honestly say I don’t think my life or working capabilities were enriched one iota. Not as much as my liver function anyway.

So this morning at 7am Rob was there ready to leave with his overnight bag and Luca asked him “are you going away? Where are you going Daddy” and before he could respond my childishness took over and I interrupted …….

“He’s going on a holiday. Nice hotel up north I hear. Few cocktails before dinner .. might even get eight hours sleep. IN-A-ROW. Isn’t he a lucky Daddy?”. 

And with that I got a nice kiss goodbye and he was off. Hope he remembered his clubs.

golf clubs




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