An Open Letter of Apology


I have a really heartfelt apology to make.

In recent years I have criticised and made unfair judgment about a certain group of people within our community, both here and overseas.

I’ve been quite vocal in publicly insisting that this group, predominantly women, were wrong in their beliefs and actions which are obviously important to them and their way of life.

I was wrong.

I was stubborn and ill-informed and developed my own ignorant opinion without proper education or knowledge of the facts.

For this I am deeply sorry.


I never knew that ironing sheets could be so rewarding.

Having been a chuck-the-sheets-in-the-dryer person for so long I was unaware how life changing that moment is when you first discover the wonders of the ironed sheet.

It’s crisp, delightful neatness and smooth lines are a simple pleasure in life not to be dismissed.

I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions and assumed people who ironed sheets were all freaken weirdos with nothing better to do.

There is no going back. I am now, and will remain, a staunch supporter of the ironed sheet from this day forward.

Yours sincerely,
A reformed chuck-it-in-the-dryer sheet advocate

One of the great joys in life

Like Botox. For your bed.

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