13 ways to tell if you’re obsessed with running


I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’m obsessed with running, but I do love it, it’s my first priority if I have any spare time and it occupies my thoughts a lot.

Does that make me obsessed? Oh alright I admit it I am. Completely.

But not as obsessed that I would sleep in my trainers or anything. I mean that would be stupid, they could get bent out of shape.

So I decided that if you are concerned you may be obsessed with your running, I have very helpfully put together a list of thirteen things that could mean that you are indeed a little obsessed.

Here we go:

1. You think it’s perfectly acceptable to spend $25 on a pair of socks.

2. You can identify which brand and type of running shoe someone else is wearing from a distance of 100m. Then you judge them for their choice.

3. Matching your bra to your socks becomes far more important than matching your bra to your knickers.

4. When your toenails start falling off you breathe a sigh of relief that at least your $25 socks won’t get holes in them.

5. Smart casual definitely means you can wear your most expensive compression tights.

6. You are friends with your physio on Facebook.

7. You know exactly how far it is from the corner of your street to your house.

8. Your Garmin battery running low causes you as much stress as forgetting to pick up your child from school.

9. You feel the urge to slap people who try to tell you running is bad for you.

10. Finding a good hill near where you live that is exactly 100m long is on par with winning the lottery.

11. Your knowledge of local weather conditions could easily render you a position at the meteorological bureau.

12. The Garmin/Strava/Runkeeper apps are in the top row of your iPhone.

13. Unless it’s the wedding of someone you really like, no social function will keep you up later than 10pm the night before a long run.


If you answered yes to four or less of the above then you obviously aren’t running enough. Pull yourself together will you.

If you answered yes to between four and eight of the above then we could definitely be lifelong friends.

Are we related? It might be time to start sleeping in your trainers.

So tell me, are you obsessed?


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